Verus philosophus est amator Dei - Santo Agostinho

quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016


Let me be clear here. In 1964 the hasty and radical Left pressed President João Goulart. The Left demanded that Jango was more determined. The right turn feared a government to mold Cuba. João Goulart was labor, nationalist, and Vargas was never communist. Goulart indecision certainly led to the coup of 1964. But the people supported the coup, this is fact. Today, the situation is worse than that of 1964. It is simply the Left that is in charge of Brazil. That same Left that today condemns the military and the Right. The truth is that the history of PT was thrown in the trash. If the story does not absolve us in the future, the reality is that in this we are being condemned by the current misrule.

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